As doulas and childbirth educators, most of us are familiar with the BRAIN acronym to help our clients think through challenging decisions. Many of my own students and clients have told me they use also BRAIN to think through all kinds of other life choices.

Guess what! You can use the BRAIN acronym to think through your business decisions too.

Do you have a new opportunity on the horizon? Trying to decide whether to jump in or hold back? Let's BRAINstorm it.

Benefits – What are the potential benefits to your birth business? This might include more students, more clients, increased referrals, brand loyalty, new partnerships, etc. Bottom line, the benefits probably include increased profits.

Risks – What are the risks you'd be taking on? Financial risk is the biggie to consider here, but could you also be risking any relationships? Or there other opportunities you might need to pass up if you wholeheartedly pursue this one?

Alternatives – Are there any other ways you could achieve your goal? Is there a better approach more in line with your overall business strategy?

Intuition – This is the perfect time for a Heart | Soul | Business check. What is your intuition telling you about this new opportunity? Just as our clients have great intuition about their births, I trust your intuition about what will work for your business, in your unique community.

Nothing/Need Time – What would it look like if you passed up this opportunity? Are there any benefits to waiting awhile to make a decision?

What do you think? Could this informed-decision-making model be helpful for your birth biz? What upcoming business opportunity would you like to BRAINstorm together? Comment below and we'll pick one to examine together in our Heart | Soul | Business Facebook community!



About Jessica English

Hey there, I'm Jessica English, the owner of Heart Soul Birth Pros and Birth Kalamazoo, Michigan's first and longest-running doula agency. I've been a birth professional for more than a dozen years, and today I specialize in training, coaching, mentoring and supporting doulas and childbirth educators.


  1. Deena on December 20, 2014 at 11:13 am

    I’d love to BRAINstorm adding a doula agency to my business offerings. Shining Light is intended as a one stop shop and this is a service we lack

  2. Virginia Rivenbark on December 20, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    I talk to all my clients about using BRAIN but never thought of using it with my doula business! Right now I am in a bit of a doula fog after being up all night supporting clients and sleeping a good part of the day! But when the fog clears I am going to use this to think about how I am going to incorporate being a childbirth educator into my doula work and how that is going to look and feel! Jessica my friend you always give me new ways to think! Thank you

  3. Kathy on December 20, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    Certainly puts it in order for me…
    Stepping out more in my own backyard so to speak, by…
    Working closer to home with my passion, CBE classes, Pvt, Natural or anyway my parents dream their birth to be
    Providing Doula services to my clients and by doing so more benefits…
    Serving and preserving families by improving beautiful, lasting birth memories, helping to reduce risks of cesarean surgery, operative vaginal birth and PPD, PPMD that hang on from a traumatic birth
    What are the risks…pales in comparison to the benefits
    What does my intuition tell me? Keeping moving forward and trust that I’m in the right place at the right time, no mistakes in this life’s tapestry, just can’t always see the big picture
    And if I do nothing???

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