On controversy, "one right way," and respect

doula controversy

by Jessica English, Kyndal May and Sarah Juliusson Let’s be real. Controversy is sexy. It grabs us and draws us in to someone else’s drama. That can be entertaining for a short time, but at its best controversy leads us to deeper, more thoughtful conversation. That thoughtful conversation? It’s what Heart | Soul | Business…

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Four Key Elements of a Rock-Solid Birth Doula Contract

doula contract

A great contract is a helpful tool in any business relationship. It lays out expectations for everyone, and it can help protect you if there are ever questions or misunderstandings. Birth doulas often expand and improve their contracts over time as the doula runs into new situations or challenges with clients. Here are some elements…

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Respect. It’s good for business

Doulas haven’t always had easy relationships with the medical community. Especially when doulas misunderstand (or haven’t mastered) their advocacy role, tensions can develop inside and outside the birth space. There are tons of reasons why positive, collaborative relationships are good for doulas, for women and for birth, but most of that conversation belongs in another space.…

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Business decision? BRAINstorm it!

As doulas and childbirth educators, most of us are familiar with the BRAIN acronym to help our clients think through challenging decisions. Many of my own students and clients have told me they use also BRAIN to think through all kinds of other life choices. Guess what! You can use the BRAIN acronym to think…

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Six Low-Squirm Tips for Talking About Money

Why is it that so many of us get the heebie-jeebies when talking about money? You’ve got a gentle, loving heart, absolutely. But you also need to be paid fairly for your work in order to keep the world benefiting from your talents. All too often, I hear from birth workers who easily bend their…

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Heart, Soul, Business: Why They All Matter

We are birth workers! Heart and soul are at the forefront of our business above almost all others. Our work, however, has been historically undervalued, leading to burnout and the loss of excellent professionals. In this nurturing, heart-centered field, how can we find a balance between emotion and financial abundance? That, friends, is the central…

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