Mentoring for Childbirth Educators.

You've trained as a childbirth educator, and now it's time to grow.  We're here to support you! Join our mentoring program to continue building your business and making a real difference for families.

mentoring for childbirth educators

You've trained as a childbirth educator and now it's time to grow.  We're here to support you! Join our mentoring program to continue building your business and making a real difference for families.

There's a lot to do in the months and years after you finish your childbirth educator training. Can we help you grow?

You need to write your curriculum (or tweak one that you purchase), market your classes, manage registrations, set financial policies, support your students (challenging participants, anyone?), and so much more.

We’re here for you. The Heart Soul Birth Pros Birth Educator Mentoring Program is open to both new and experienced childbirth educators. Our participants teach all types of classes and methods — the only strict criteria is that you are teaching families about birth or breastfeeding. This is the place to brainstorm, connect and get support for business topics, curriculum building and classroom life! We’ve seen too many people who take a birth training and then never get their businesses launched. We have walked that road and we’re managing strong, successful childbirth education programs. You can tap into everything we’ve learned along the way, including tips and tricks, success strategies and big mistakes to avoid.


There are a growing number of doula mentoring options, but our program is exclusively for childbirth educators. The forums and topics are specialized to your needs as an instructor — doula talk happens only when it directly crosses over into your childbirth educator world. Childbirth educators have unique needs, and this program is all about you.

coaching for childbirth educators

Your perks as a member of the mentoring program:

  • Monthly calls with our owner, Jessica English (or a special guest).

    Our monthly calls include 30-minutes of a business, curriculum or classroom management topic that you, our members get to choose. What’s on your mind? What do you need to grow and thrive? Members get to vote on each month’s topic. The direction of our calls is determined by you! If our own trainers can’t address it, we’ll seek out an expert who can.

  • Your turn in the business hotseat.

    Every member of our mentoring program gets 10 minutes on the business hotseat every quarter — that’s four times a year. We’ll spend 10 minutes on our call talking through exactly what’s happening with your birth education business, so you can get live feedback directly from Jessica. Your peers on the call can also add their input in our private Facebook group. Not your turn on the hotseat? You still get to listen in and learn from Jessica’s advice. That adds up to 40 minutes of free coaching every year.

  • Our Registration & Financial Policies Cheat Sheet.

    Why reinvent the wheel? This special guide takes you through all the options to register people for your childbirth classes. We also give you language for financial policies – hard earned wisdom that will help you be clear and fair with your students, and protect yourself. This guide normally sells for $19.99, and it’s yours free with your membership. 

  • Access to our private Facebook group.

    Jessica and our other experienced mentors and trainers are just a tag away! You can also get feedback from your peers around the world. This is a safe, warm and supportive space where we all share the same values – quality childbirth education, heart, business and community. The group has weekly check-ins and challenges to help keep you motivated and on task. You’ll get ideas and answers, yes, but also encouragement and support to keep moving forward with your business.

  • Discounts on private coaching.

    Need to go more in-depth? Private coaching sessions with Jessica typically run $125/hour, but members of our mentorship program can book time for just $65/hour. We can brainstorm teaching ideas, tweak your curriculum, review or write website copy, develop a marketing strategy or collaborate on how to manage challenging students. You decide how to use the time!

  • Our brainspace.

    Jessica and all of our trainer mentors keep our mentoring program members close to our hearts. We’ll be thinking about your needs and your growth, and how we can help you — even when we’re not directly interacting. When we’re out walking, when we’re talking with colleagues, when we’re teaching out own classes, we’ll also be thinking of you. Your personal situation and your personal success will be on our minds!

There are three main types of people who join the program:


People who just finished their childbirth educator training.


Educators who've been teaching for awhile but are ready to grow.


Experienced educators who value expert resources and community.


But why? We can help. 

Would the Heart Soul Birth Pros mentoring program be a good match for you?

Our childbirth educator mentoring program isn’t for everyone. If your classes are in a smooth rhythm with full enrollment and a curriculum you love, you probably won’t get much out of this program. The program is also not available to educators teaching within Birth Kalamazoo’s services area — within 40 miles of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Heart Soul Birth Pros Childbirth Educator Mentoring program would be a good match for you if you:

  • Have taken or are about to take a childbirth educator training.
  • Want to attract more students.
  • Value support and encouragement from longtime, expert educators.
  • Enjoy brainstorming curriculum ideas and want to continually grow and improve.
  • Want to develop your unique niche and point of view to stand out in your community.
  • Believe in building relationships within your home community and our mentoring network.
  • Are dedicated to great adult education — it helps students learn and have better births (and gets you more referrals).
  • See room for growth in your childbirth education business.
  • Are willing to support the other members of our group.
  • Understand that building a great childbirth education business takes time and commitment, and you are willing (and able) to devote at least a few hours a week to growth.
tools for childbirth educators

Does this sound like you?

We’d love to welcome you to the group.

Childbirth Educator Mentoring Program

Special intro pricing through March 15, 2018.

Special Intro Price

  • This special pricing is available only through March 15, 2018.

Monthly Payments

  • We’ll set up a recurring payment option to go easy on the budget.

Annual Membership

  • Get a free month when you sign up for a full year membership.

Let's get started!

Registration requires payment at this time. Questions? Email before you register.

We're excited to welcome you into the program!
-Jessica + the team

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