Let’s make your doula dream a reality.

You love birth and babies, and you’re ready to turn that passion into a fulfilling career.  Yes! I’m here to help you learn the ropes of this incredible calling. I hope you’ll join me for a doula training.


You love birth and babies, and you’re ready to turn that passion into a fulfilling career.  Yes! I’m here to help you learn the ropes of this incredible calling. I hope you’ll join me for a doula training.

It’s an amazing honor to support families when they welcome new life. They are inviting you into one of the biggest transitions of their lives.

I have loved this work for more than a decade, and I started my doula training program so I could share everything I’ve learned with you. I’m a DONA approved trainer, which means my workshop is the first step toward certification with DONA International — the world’s largest and most respected doula certifying organization. If you’re ready to become a doula, this is the place to start.


The intersection of these areas is what makes my trainings unique. Every doula training includes the basics of what you need to support people physically and emotionally, but I bring in two other important areas to help you get off to a great start — creative, interactive learning and a special focus on combining heart with smart business strategy.

Tiffany Townsend

"If you are thinking about doula training, just take this workshop! So many of the doulas who are THE doulas in the Grand Rapids area have been trained by Jessica — that says a lot. I loved that Jessica covered both the doula information and the business perspective that you might not get anywhere else. Because this process isn’t just about supporting families, but also creating a sustainable living for yourself. Jessica’s training really helped me reach my goal to become a full-time doula in less than six months. If you have a passion for birth and are ready to get rolling, do it."

Tiffany Townsend • Grand Rapids, Michigan


"Jessica’s doula training was incredible. I felt such a connection and sisterhood with all of the other doulas, from so many different backgrounds, who had the same heart for birth that I do. I had a really difficult first birth, and I was awestruck by the concept that birth isn’t something to be feared, it can be positive, love-centered and transformative experience — even euphoric. Jessica was professional and organized, balanced with those earthy-birthy vibes that I love. She had this gentle strength to understand us as people and also guide us to be successful doulas."

Jessica Stackowicz • South Bend, Indiana

Elon Geffrard

"I brought Jessica in to my area to teach a community based doula training, specifically focused on supporting women of color. It was such a great workshop — heartwarming, comfortable and inviting, but also solid skills that we could use right away. I loved the wide range of teaching techniques and all the chances to practice hands-on. Jessica engaged all of our senses. I was already trained as a childbirth educator when I took the doula workshop, but Jessica really expanded my toolbox. I use so many of the exercises and techniques that she taught us when I’m working with families. The nurses were impressed with all the new techniques I was able to use at my very first birth after the training."

Elon Geffrard • Detroit, Michigan

Jennifer Carpio Zeller

"I was a doula in the 1990s, and I was actually surprised and impressed at how much things have changed. Jessica’s training was wonderful. It reminded me of the details I had forgotten and also introduced new tools like the rebozo and the peanut ball. I loved the constant variety of the workshop. I’m used to sitting in a classroom and listening, but Jessica’s doula training was so much more. We were hands-on, interacting and problem-solving together. You just can’t beat Jessica’s deep level of experience. If you’re on the fence, the training will totally help you figure out if this field is right for you. I was so jazzed up to become a doula again and ready to get started!"

Jennifer Carpio-Zeller • Kalamazoo, Michigan

Take a look inside our birth doula training.

  • You get to practice hands-on.

    This isn’t a sit-and-listen kind of doula training. You’ll be engaging, practicing, laughing and learning hands-on the whole time. Why does that matter? Because getting hands-on means you’ll remember the techniques more easily and feel confident using them right from the start, even with your very first client. My training is four days because interaction and practice take time, and doulas can’t build and grow a great practice unless they really know their stuff.

  • I'll tell you everything.

    I’ve been a doula for a dozen years, and DONA International has named me as an advanced birth doula (an honor earned by fewer than 50 doulas around the world). I’ve supported families at home, in the hospital and in birth centers. Did I mention that I’m also a certified postpartum doula? I’m still actively attending births and helping families at home afterward, which means I have current information — and fresh inspiration — to help you on your own journey into this amazing work. I don’t hold anything back when I’m training doulas, and I’m dedicated to helping you avoid some of the mistakes I made early in my career.

  • We’re going deep on natural birth and medical birth too.

    Unmedicated birth can be so beautiful and empowering, and so can an epidural or a family-centered cesarean. A lot of trainings don’t teach doulas all the skills they need to support families when the going gets complicated. I’ve learned that sometimes those high-tech births are the ones where our clients need our support the most. Along with lots of great info on physiologic birth, my doula training also includes extended sections on how to support a client with an epidural or during a cesarean birth. After my workshop, you’ll be ready to offer great support, wherever your clients’ births lead. And hey, we just opened up your target market too — doulas aren’t just for natural birth.

  • Speaking of target markets, you’ll get the inside scoop on doula business.

    I’m the owner of Michigan’s first and longest-running doula agency, which means I’ve learned a lot about building a successful doula business. I’ve been invited to speak at conferences around the world on this topic, and we keep up with it on the blog here, too. In my workshops, we spend four hours talking about how to launch your business. It’s rare to find a doula training that both goes in-depth on labor support and devotes this much time to business skills. Again, this is why my training is four days — we don't skimp in either area. I love the business side of birth work and I’ll help you discover your love for it too.

  • Not just business, but business + heart.

    My area of specialty is combining your heart, your love for families and your passion for birth with making a sustainable living. At Heart Soul Birth Pros, we talk about the triple win — business structures and decisions that are good for families, good for the doula, and good for your broader birth community. I’ll show you how you can combine all of those elements to make a real difference and also make a great living. I’ve been doing that for my whole career.

There are three main types of people who take our trainings:


People who are completely new to birth work


Childbirth educators, postpartum doulas or former doulas


Nurses, midwives and even a few doctors

doula training review

"I totally jived with Jessica’s personality, and she has such an open, warm and inviting way of presenting the information. Her doula training was evidence-based and rigorous, but also friendly and heart-centered."

Andrea Hewitt, Nashville, TN

Suzanne Bell

"I had an amazing experience at my doula training and I’m so thankful I got Jessica as my trainer. I feel really confident in my new doula skills but I also learned a lot about myself and how to be a better listener."

Suzanne Bell, Cincinnati, OH

Here’s a quick look at the four days we’ll spend together:

• the basics of birth (even labor and delivery nurses tell me they take away new perspective and tips!)
• the doula’s role (and our special superpowers to impact the hormones of labor)
• massage and hands-on comfort measures
• becoming a great communicator (with clients and medical staff)
• supporting clients through disappointment, grief and loss
• physiologic birth and complicated births (pain medication, cesareans, etc.)
• ethics and scope considerations
• supporting vaginal birth after cesarean
• helping clients with malpositioned babies
• strategy for developing your business

DONA doula training


Plus my exclusive guide to finding your first 10 clients.

My doula workshops always include four hours of business training to help you launch your business. I started offering that as part of my trainings because I saw too many doulas scrambling after a workshop to figure out how to find clients and get started. I don’t want you to have to scramble! I have been a doula for more than a decade, and I run Michigan’s first and longest-running doula agency. I’ve learned a lot about attracting clients and I want you to be able to get your business rolling right away.

Here are some of our business topics (most doula trainers don’t explore these):

TARGET MARKET. Why is important to identify a target market? Who is your ideal client? What do they value and where will you find them?
BRAND IDENTITY. Why are you unique among doulas? We’ll look at the special gifts and skills you’re bringing to this work and how you can weave that in to how you present your business.
NETWORKING. I’ll teach you the best way to network (and get referrals) and how to avoid the common pitfalls that could make your marketing efforts all for nothing. You’ll also learn why you should never, ever ask someone if you can pick their brain — and what to say instead.
SOCIAL MEDIA. Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? And once you pick a platform, what should you post? You’ll learn where pregnant Millennial moms can be found, and I’ll give you my list of 50 ideas for social media posts to make your next steps easy.

We'll cover overall business building and long-term strategy in our workshop, of course. But I’ve found that brand new doulas are usually focused on finding their first 10 pregnant families, a special hurdle to jump. That’s why I wrote the Doula's Guide to Finding Your First 10 Clients — so you’ll have an easy overview on how to get started. The guide normally sells for $19.99, it is yours for free when you attend my birth doula workshop.


March 9-12, 2018
Earlybird registration Feb. 1

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(include Intro to Birth for Doulas, Doula Workshop + Breastfeeding for Doulas)

Early Bird Package

  • plus two more payments of $200 before the course begins.

Early Bird Full Payment

  • Save money by making a single payment at the time of your early bird registration. Early bird registration ends on the 1st of the month BEFORE your training begins.

Regular Payment

  • for registrations after the early bird deadline.



(include Intro to Birth for Doulas + Doula Workshop)

Early Bird Package

  • plus two more payments of $175 before the course begins.

Early Bird Full Payment

  • Save money by making a single payment at the time of your early bird registration. Early bird registration ends on the 1st of the month BEFORE your training begins.

Regular Payment

  • for registrations after the early bird deadline.

Want a training in your city?

If you come to me with six or more doulas ready to register, I’ll work with your schedule to bring a training right to you!

We'll have an amazing time together.

You don’t want to sit through four days of boring lecture! I’ve poured my heart into creating a workshop that is fun and interactive. Because I also train childbirth educators for Lamaze International, active learning is really important to me. Research shows us that adults learn better when they are engaged and hands on… And I want this information to stick with you so that you can use it all as you support families in the years ahead. We have a great time in our four days together, and I focus on taking care of you, just as you’ll be taking care of your clients. Think warm smiles, tea and healthy snacks, stretches, relaxation and mindfulness activities, plus chocolate. Always, always chocolate for the doulas.

DONA birth doula training
criss cross massage smaller

Your new doula career starts  here.

Are you ready to jump in together? I’d love to have you join us for a birth doula workshop. If you still have questions, visit our FAQs page and learn more. Otherwise, get started by filling out the registration below. To make it easy for you, we offer the option of paying upfront now or a payment plan of three payments.

Let’s get started!

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I look forward to meeting you!

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Suzanne Bell

"Jessica is an amazing educator. She has such a passion for birth and families, and she was understanding, compassionate and emotionally supportive. She always lifted us up and made us feel validated. There was so much variety in all of the different teaching techniques and I was always engaged (even though I have ADHD). I feel confident in what I learned and I’m ready to go out and be successful as a doula. It was super helpful to spend so much time on the business skills that we’ll need to get started."

Suzanne Bell • Cincinnati, Ohio

Sally Ackerman Doula Training Review

"I was feeling really stuck in my professional life and I needed a change. There were all these pregnant women showing up in my life and a friend mentioned she wanted to be a doula. I looked into it and realized, wow, I wanted to be a doula too! Jessica’s training was amazing — empowering, inspiring and engaging. Every day was so filled with knowledge and the time went by really fast. The workshop was a really great foundation to help my build my business. I tell everyone who’s thinking about taking Jessica’s training, you’ve gotta do it!"

Sally Ackerman • Cincinnati, Ohio