Let’s make your birth doula dream a reality.

You love birth and babies, and you’re ready to turn that passion into a fulfilling career.  Yes! We're here to help you learn the ropes of this incredible calling. Join us for a virtual or in-person birth doula training.


You love birth and babies, and you’re ready to turn that passion into a fulfilling career.  Yes! We're here to help you learn the ropes of this incredible calling. Join us for a virtual or in-person birth doula training.

It’s an amazing honor to support families when they welcome new life. They are inviting you into one of the biggest transitions of their lives.

You deserve a great training, so you'll be ready to give your clients the best.

Our four-day training is the first step toward certification with DONA International — the world’s largest and best known doula certifying organization. It includes three of the elements you'll need for certification: childbirth education observation, the birth doula workshop, and breastfeeding for doulas.

If you’re ready to become a birth doula, this is the place to start. We've created an engaging, interactive workshop to give you the strong foundation you need as you launch your doula career.


The intersection of these areas is one of the things that makes our workshops unique. Every doula training includes the basics of what you need to support people physically and emotionally, but we bring in two other important areas to help you get off to a great start — creative, interactive learning and a special focus on combining heart with smart business strategy. Keep reading for more information on how we incorporate equity too. All of this matters!


Read on for testimonials and many more details about our training. Or click this button if you're ready to register now.

What are other people saying about the doula workshop?

Here are some recent comment we've received on evaluations and by email after a training.

“I pride myself in my evaluations and consider myself a professional yelper, with that being said, I RARELY give all 5s!! You deserve it!!” 

“Jessica, you have been a role model in so many ways — not only as the type of doula I strive to be, but as the type of woman I would like to be. I feel so blessed, energized and filled by this training and your wisdom.”

"I can't tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed the course. You're a wonderful teacher, and I feel beyond lucky to have learned from you (and from Elon, Jennifer, and Shonte' —they were incredible!). Thank you for creating a safe, welcoming space to grow as a doula."

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“You were amazing, thank you for being a wonderful teacher and an accepting and loving woman.”

“I hate to be that person who just says that everything was perfect, but seriously, Jessica, the class was awesome. I loved your content and your energy!”

"Thank you for recognizing gender issues and respecting cultural/spiritual aspects." 

"This weekend was amazing and inspirational! I aspire to mirror your level of love and care for birthing people." 

“Perfect workshop. Incredible teacher. Happy doulas.”

"Jessica was an amazing trainer! She made it inclusive for all, showed creativity, leadership, adaptability, compassion and more!"

"The training went far above and beyond my highest expectations."

"Jessica is an amazing instructor! Very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She made me feel very excited and encouraged to be a DOULA! ♥ LOVE HER"

"Thank you for making sure we felt knowledgeable, loved, and heard during our training!" 

"Jessica is an asset. What she gave me this week I'll carry with me for a lifetime."

"Jessica was a phenomenal instructor!"

"ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE workshop! Jessica is exceptional!"

"Jessica was amazing. She took the time to learn everyone's names and answer all the questions anyone had. She was engaging and informative. I am SO grateful for her time and commitment to me and many birthing families to come. Thank you so much!"

"Jessica was like a light at the end of the tunnel! So often, educators don't do justice to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their teaching. Jessica didn't just speak of it, she kept it at the center and interwoven throughout our days together. After taking her course, I felt hopeful despite all that is happening in the world."

"Jessica ensured that all needs were met for ALL. She was very patient and overall amazing. I did not expect how wonderful this training was. Jessica has inspired me to be a better human." 

"Thanks so much, Jessica, this changed my life."

"It was an amazing training! You truly are a gifted teacher. Thank you for bringing so much information and learning magic to the virtual space."

"Jessica was just so amazing words can’t explain... She had great energy and was just so positive along the way. If I could take this training over a million times, it would be with her."

"Jessica was more than I could have ever imagined. Not only did she present herself as professional and well prepared, but so warm and inviting that I felt as if I knew her for years. She immediately created a safe place that made me feel at home. I especially loved how personal was at the opening of our workshop. She asked each of her students if she pronounced our names properly which was HUGE for me. She even gave us a moment to pay respect to the specific land we were learning on which, culturally, just blew my mind. I loved every single moment of Jessica's training and cannot wait to learn more, specifically from her. I would, without a doubt, travel and find accommodations to be a part of her workshop again."

"Jessica is a master teacher who packed the space with integrated learning. She brought her expertise along with wisdom and restraint. This course far exceeded my expectation and helped me feel ready to launch into doula birthing. She also helped create great connection with the other doulas in the class, one which I believe will be a great resource going forward."

"Jessica was consistently honoring to all involved in the birthing process, she imparted this respect in our learning environment to make it a safe learning and growth space. A big Mahalo to Jessica for coming to teach and impart to us."


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MDHHS Approved

As a DONA approved birth doula workshop, this training qualifies you to accept Medicaid reimbursement in Michigan. (For those in other states, not all states allow doulas to bill Medicaid, however in those that do, DONA International is always on the list of approved trainings.)

Take a look inside our birth doula training.

  • You get to practice hands-on.

    This isn’t a sit-and-listen kind of doula training. You’ll be engaging, practicing, laughing and learning hands-on the whole time, whether we're virtual or in-person. Why does that matter? Because getting hands-on means you’ll remember the techniques more easily and feel confident using them right from the start, even with your very first client. My training is four days because interaction and practice take time, and doulas can’t build and grow a great practice unless they really know their stuff.

  • Awareness and sensitivity to health equity.

    Black and native birthing parents and babies are dying at a higher rate than others in our American health care system. We'll address the disparities (we know that racism is the risk factor) and explore how doulas can be part of the long-term movement toward equity. These themes are specifically addressed by our equity trainer and also interwoven throughout the entire workshop. 

  • We'll tell you everything.

    Your leader trainer Jessica English has been doing this work for more than 15 years, and DONA International has named her as an advanced birth doula (an honor earned by fewer than 80 doulas around the world). She's supported families at home, in the hospital and in birth centers. Did we mention that she's also a certified postpartum doula? Jessica is still actively attending births and helping families at home afterward, which means she has current information — and fresh inspiration — to help you on your own journey into this amazing work. Whether you're learning from Jessica or one of our equity, business or breastfeeding experts, we don’t hold anything back when we're training doulas, and we're dedicated to helping you avoid some of the mistakes we made early in our careers.

  • We’re going deep on natural birth and medical birth too.

    Unmedicated birth can be so beautiful and empowering, and so can an epidural or a family-centered cesarean. A lot of trainings don’t teach doulas all the skills they need to support families when the going gets complicated. We’ve learned that sometimes those high-tech births are the ones where our clients need our support the most. Along with lots of great info on physiologic birth, our doula training also includes extended sections on how to support a client with an epidural or during a cesarean birth. After the workshop, you’ll be ready to offer great support, wherever your clients’ births lead. And hey, we just opened up your target market too — doulas aren’t just for natural birth.

  • Speaking of target markets, you’ll get the inside scoop on doula business.

    I’m the owner of Michigan’s first and longest-running doula agency, which means I’ve learned a lot about building a successful doula business. We'll explore doula business throughout the training, but you'll also get an additional hour of business content from your lead trainer Jessica English, plus a more than three-hour webinar on how to find clients as a new doula. It’s rare to find a doula training that both goes in-depth on labor support and devotes this much time to business skills. You won't have to chase down business information after the training because it will be right at your fingertips. 

  • Not just business, but business + heart.

    Our area of specialty is combining your heart, your love for families and your passion for birth with making a sustainable living. At Heart Soul Birth Pros, we talk about the triple win — business structures and decisions that are good for families, good for the doula, and good for your broader birth community. We’ll show you how you can combine all of those elements to make a real difference and also make a great living. We’ve been doing that for my whole careers.

There are three main types of people who take our trainings:


People who are completely new to birth work


Childbirth educators, postpartum doulas or former doulas


Nurses, midwives and even a few doctors

Here’s a quick look at the four days we’ll spend together:

• the basics of birth (even labor and delivery nurses tell us they take away new perspective and tips!)
• the doula’s role (and our special superpowers to impact the hormones of labor)
• massage and hands-on comfort measures
• becoming a great communicator (with clients and medical staff)
• a deep dive into being an effective advocate in the doula role
• physiologic birth and complicated births (pain medication, cesareans, etc.)
• ethics and scope of practice considerations
• supporting vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)
• helping clients with malpositioned babies
• strategies for developing your business

DONA doula training

It matters who you learn from.

Our training team includes the best of the best.

Jessica English Michigan Doula Training

Jessica English, birth doula trainer.

Jessica started her birth business as a childbirth educator in 2005. Today, she is also an advanced certified birth doula, postpartum doula, owner of Michigan's first and longest-running doula agency, and the owner and lead trainer at Heart Soul Birth Pros. She is a DONA approved birth doula trainer and a Lamaze program director and trainer. Jessica is actively involved in working with families, attending births and also teaching childbirth classes every Tuesday night. Hospitals and medical organizations often hire her to run specialty workshops for nurses, midwives and doctors, including hands-on labor support skills and the essentials of physiologic birth. She’s known for her passion, heartfelt connection, deep knowledge, and creative and highly interactive teaching.

Elon Geffrard, birth equity trainer.

Medical racism and disparate care impact health outcomes, and it’s important for doulas to understand our role in working toward equity. With a combination of recorded and live content, Elon Geffrard guides our doulas to a shared understanding of the core concepts of birth and health equity, as well as giving us all a chance to explore our own identities. Black and brown doulas are lifted up in their unique role in addressing disparities, and white doulas are invited to go deeper in understanding the problem and how they can help too. In addition to her role as a DONA certified doula in private practice and with the Michigan Prison Doula Initiative, Elon is maternal health equity consultant with the Michigan Public Health Institute.

elon geffrard

Andrea Hewitt, supporting LGBTQIA+ clients and doula insider tips.

In her hometown of East Nashville, TN, Andrea Hewitt has built an inclusive and thriving doula agency. She is a DONA certified birth doula, a Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community herself. In a recorded webinar, Andrea talks to doulas about real-life challenges queer parents face and dives into how to build an inclusive practice that welcomes all families. Her exploration includes foundational knowledge & terms used in the LGBTQIA+ community, swapping exclusive language for inclusive language, and self-checks to help us all grow. In addition, Andrea also shares her general experience in the birth world with “12 Things Every New Doula Should Know" — practical tips and insights to help set new doulas on the path to success.

Andrea Hewitt
Shonte' Terhune Smith breastfeeding educator

Shonte' Terhune-Smith and Jennifer Day, breastfeeding educators.

Working in Detroit and Flint, Michigan, Jennifer Day and Shonte’ Terhune-Smith have developed deep expertise in supporting families as board-certified lactation consultants. Because they are both also doulas, they understand exactly what doulas need to know to support clients in feeding their babies. Centering equity, these two experts share their knowledge and their hearts. This live, four-hour portion of the workshop fulfills the breastfeeding requirement for birth and postpartum doula certification with DONA International. Topics include basics and barriers, anatomy and physiology, the first few days and weeks, common challenges, and doula referrals to specialists.

*Note: Some in-person workshops outside of Michigan feature a local breastfeeding expert to lead this portion of the training. 

Jennifer Day, breastfeeding educator

Birth Doula Trainings (In-Person)

September 13-16, 2024
9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Masonic Center, 233 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids

November 1-4, 2024
9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Nest and Nurture, 722 Brooks St., Ann Arbor

Want a birth doula workshop in your city?
If you collect full payment from 10 people and help us find a training space, we're happy to come right to you. Email Jessica for more information.

In-person Birth Doula Workshop ~ Your Investment

Payment Plan

  • To register for a workshop, you can start with a deposit of just $299 plus two additional payments.

Full Payment

  • Total workshop cost is $829. Late fee of $100 for registrations two weeks or less before the training begins.

Financial details: All payment plans must be finished one week before the start of the training. If you need smaller payments over more time (e.g. starting with a smaller deposit), we're happy to accommodate as long as payments are finished before the training. A $100 late fee applies to anyone registering two weeks or less before the start of a training.

Want a training in your city?

If you come to me with six or more doulas ready to register, I’ll work with your schedule to bring a training right to you!

We'll have an amazing time together.

Hey, this is Jessica, talking straight to you. One thing I know for doulas is that they don’t want to sit through four days of boring lecture! I’ve poured my heart into creating a workshop that is fun and interactive. Because I also train childbirth educators for Lamaze International, active learning is really important to me. Research shows us that adults learn better when they are engaged and hands on… And I want this information to stick with you so that you can use it all as you support families in the years ahead. We have a great time in our four days together, and I focus on taking care of you, just as you’ll be taking care of your clients. Think warm smiles, tea and healthy snacks (in your own cozy home if you're taking a virtual training), stretches, relaxation and mindfulness activities, plus chocolate. Always, always chocolate for the doulas.

DONA birth doula training
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Your new doula career starts  here.

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