Let’s get you in front of a class.

Is it your time to teach?  Yes! Birth matters, and quality childbirth classes make a difference. If you’d love to guide and support families by becoming a childbirth educator (or by becoming a better one), we can help.

lamaze childbirth educator training

Is it your time to teach?  Yes! Birth matters, and quality childbirth classes make a difference. If you’d love to guide and support families by becoming a childbirth educator (or by becoming a better one), we can help.

Get the skills you need to attract and inspire today's parents.

Our goal is to “teach you how to teach” — not to teach just any course, but to give you the tools to create an inspiring, creative, evidence-based childbirth class. Heart Soul Birth Pros is a Lamaze accredited childbirth education program, which means our training is your first step toward becoming Lamaze certified. (Visit our FAQs to learn about all the steps toward certification.)

For those of you who are already nurses, doulas or midwives, when you finish our childbirth educator training you’ll receive 23.75 nursing contact hours to meet your licensing or recertification requirements. And nurses, if you live in a state that requires pain management contact hours, the training will also fulfill that licensing requirement.

labor position figures in childbirth educator training

Learn to be a great teacher.

Think about the very best class you’ve ever taken… the one that inspired you, moved you to action and brought out your very best. Our mission is to teach you how to create that kind of class for families in your home community. Great teaching is not about the PowerPoint presentation. Research and experience tell us that quality adult education needs to be interactive and strategically designed to get results. From the first minute of our training, you’ll be part of an interactive classroom. Together we’ll try out dozens of different activities you can use in your own classes, with time to process how they could be tweaked for your teaching style or the demographic you’ll be serving. The goal: fun, learning and growing confidence in your own ability to inspire a class full of pregnant families.

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We'll help set you up for success.

  • You'll learn (and experience) how adults learn.

    There’s an art and a science to being a great teacher, and if you don’t learn how to do it well, your students won’t remember and be able to apply what you teach to their births. Our workshop explores the ins and outs of all kinds of creative teaching techniques – you get to experience them as a learner and try them out in your student teaching.

  • We'll teach you to integrate technology.

    Millennials and Gen Z have different expectations than past generations, and we’ll show you some great tech tools to make your classes fun and exciting (for your students and for you too).

  • You'll get resources to help you grow.

    In our very first training for childbirth educators, we had a student who’d already graduated from another childbirth education program. She shared that after the other training, she’d felt overwhelmed and lost. But after the Heart Soul Birth Pros training, she told us how much more confident she was feeling with so many resources and options for ongoing support. We’ll show you where to find evidence-based information and you’ll get our booklet of more than 20 creative teaching ideas that you can start incorporating into your classes right from the start. 

  • Plus the resources of Lamaze International.

    The Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices form the basis of our childbirth educator training, and they’ll be the foundation of your birth classes too. Lamaze is a nonprofit organization that’s totally dedicated to its members and to supporting safe and healthy birth. Lamaze is the best-known childbirth education credential in the world, and it gives you the flexibility to teach in the hospital or independently. It really means something when you see the LCCE credential behind someone’s name. You'll be warmly welcomed into to the circle of Lamaze professionals worldwide. (P.S. — There are no funny breathing patterns anymore. Read our blog post for the details on today's Lamaze breathing.) 

There are three main types of people who take our trainings:


People who are completely new to birth work


Experienced doulas and childbirth educators


Nurses, midwives and even a few doctors

Wondering what your experience will be like? Here are some evaluation comments from people who recently finished the training:

Awesome class! Very interactive and engaging. Jessica was very helpful and knowledgeable. I very feel motivated and more confident in my ability to educate families! 

Thank you so much for an amazing workshop. I feel so much better prepared to teach.

The training was well planned, interactive, information and comfortable. Wonderful job educating educators!

I have gained so much from this weekend because of your expertise, guidance and passion. Thank you, thank you! 

Brilliant educator and advocate for educators! Jessica's teaching was always interactive, student-centered, and with clear expectations of attainable outcomes.

Thank you for your open-minded approach, your willingness to share, and your vast depth of knowledge.

Jessica is wonderful. She welcomed all of us in with tremendous kindness and knowledge. I have been teaching childbirth education for over five years, but learned so much. Thank you! 



Three Wednesdays: Jan. 10, 17, 24, 2024
hours: 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Eastern

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Includes 23.75 nursing contact hours

Early Bird Pymt Plan

  • plus two more payments of $225 before the course begins.

Early Bird Full Payment

  • Save money by making a single payment at the time of your early bird registration. Early bird registration ends one month before your training begins.

Regular Payment

  • for registrations within two weeks of the training.

Want a training in your city?

If you come to us with six or more people ready to register, we’ll work with your schedule to bring a training right to you!

Experienced, successful trainers. With a doula's touch.

Every one of our Heart Soul Birth Pros trainers is an experienced childbirth educator who fills their classes. We’re all currently teaching in our home communities, so we’ve got a handle on what brings in Millennial families and holds their attention. Because we’re in the classroom every week, we’re trying and testing new techniques all the time. It’s so exciting for us when we get to turn around and share all of that with you.

We’re trainers and teachers, but we’re also doulas. We’ve all attended births in the hospital, at home and in birth centers. That makes us stronger educators. The doula spirit means we’re also really good at nurturing and encouraging people – including you. You’ll take our training to grow, stretch and develop new skills, and all that blossoming happens best when you’re in the cozy care of an experienced doula. We’ll be ready with a smile, encouraging words, some tea and snacks, and of course chocolate. Always, always chocolate.   

Doula Training and Childbirth Educator Training with Heart Soul Birth Pros
Group photo of participants at a Lamaze childbirth educator training

We can dive in  together.

Are you ready to get your start as a childbirth educator? (Or to get refreshed and find new ideas to make your classes even better?) We’d love to have you join us. The earlybird cost of our workshop, including six months of the Evidence Based Birth Academy, is $649. You can pay that in full when you register, or you can make your first payment of $199 now. Don’t wait to get signed up, the earlybird pricing typically ends on the first of the month before your workshop, and workshop size is limited. So that’s $649 for the earlybird registration, and $699 if you find us last minute. Think of it as an investment in your childbirth education career. We can't wait to meet you.

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Lamaze International has awarded 23.75 hours of CNE credit for successful completion of this activity. Lamaze International is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Activity Number SEM 0291-06. This activity has been approved by Lamaze International for 23.75 Lamaze Contact Hours. This activity is accepted by ICEA for 23.75 Contact Hours. Lamaze International is also a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 15932, activity approved for 28.5 California nursing contact hours.