Welcome to your new career supporting families.

The weeks and months after a new baby arrives don't have to be so hard for new families.

 Postpartum doulas make that time better!

Postpartum baby

The weeks and months after a new baby arrives don't have to be so hard for new families.

 Postpartum doulas make that time better!

We're meant to be surrounded by our village.

Throughout time, in cultures around the world, new mothers have been supported by their village. In this model, after a tiny one arrives, the mother is surrounded by people to care for her — as she learns to care for the new baby. There's a magic number of 40 days and 40 nights in many cultures, where the new parent is fed, cared for, taught to nurse, nurtured and loved on as they enter this new realm.

What happens today, especially in American culture? New parents are sent home to their isolated little boxes and told to "figure it out." If they're lucky, a grandparent stays for a week or two, bringing whatever knowledge and skills they might have to help. Other families have no support at all. They often find themselves alone, overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling. But we know what can help.

You can help, future doula.

The postpartum doula role professionalizes the nurture and support new families need. This training is your first step toward becoming a certified postpartum doula with DONA International. We'd love to have you with us for a postpartum doula training, where you can learn from Jen Chandlee, a highly experienced trainer who is still actively working with families today (important so you can be up to date on the current trends and challenges parents face). She'll share all her secrets she's learned to help your clients have a more positive, centered fourth trimester.

Jen's training also includes an emphasis on black maternal health and how racism impacts the fourth trimester. Our entire team is dedicated to equity, and those themes are woven throughout every workshop.

Postpartum doula work is a hot field, growing every year as families realize all the benefits of fourth trimester support. If you're already a birth doula, this is a great addition to round out your services. It's also an amazing stand-alone field for anyone who loves babies and feels called to support new families in those tender first weeks and months. You don't need any special background to get started as a postpartum doula — just your passion, your heart, your hands and this training!

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What is the fourth trimester anyhow?

The first three months after a baby is born are known as the fourth trimester. This is an important time for establishing bonding, feeding and laying the groundwork for a family's new life together. Postpartum doulas focus their support on this critical time, working to help families feel confident enough to do it on their own.

How do postpartum doulas help families?

Doulas help with whatever the new family needs to feel most connected and nurtured during the postpartum time. This often includes practical tasks like laundry, cooking or organizing the household, but the very most important work we do is to educate and nurture the new family. This might include teaching them how to babywear or give their little one a bath, or it might mean ensuring that everyone is getting the shower and sleep they need to make it through.

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Meet Jen Chandlee, your postpartum doula trainer.

Jen Chandlee was inspired to become a birth, postpartum, and lactation professional in 1994 after she had her first baby.

Her extensive background and over 20 years of experience in the field have allowed Jen to provide families a wide range of physical, emotional, and educational support offered with an open mind, loving hands, and calm presence.

She is dedicated to advocacy, equity, and access to care for all families regardless of race, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.

A DONA-approved postpartum doula trainer, Jen joined the Heart Soul Birth Pros team in 2019. She lives in Asheville, NC, where she offers doula services, trainings for professionals and babymoon classes for parents.

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Some recent evaluation comments from Jen's trainings:

“Thank you Jen. I appreciated your depth of knowledge & experience, relevant examples, and passion for advocacy.”

“Wonderful, inspiring, encouraging workshop”

“I have taken other doula trainings and this one has surpassed my expectations greatly. I feel equipped and prepared to do this work. Thank you.”

“Jen is a great instructor with years of experience and knowledge. Her workshop was inclusive and enjoyable.”

“Used many learning styles… I loved all the movement and role-playing.”

“Jen is a very well-prepared professional and I’m so glad she is doing this work!”

"I enjoyed the training immensely and Jen did a wonderful job including education on inclusivity and black maternal health!"

One more look at your role as a postpartum doula...

Jen says, "caring for each other is a radical act." Postpartum doulas fill an important role in providing emotional, physical, and evidence­-based informational support to the new family after the birth of a baby. A doula’s role is fluid and changes from day to day depending on the needs of the new family, and can include:

  • Teaching and supporting coping strategies for postpartum adjustment

  • Newborn sleep information and family sleep solutions

  • Infant care information — diapering, bathing, dressing, etc.

  • Support for all feeding methods, including teaching and assistance

  • Preparing nutritious snacks and meals

  • Light housekeeping like dishes or laundry

  • Infant care so parents can sleep and shower

  • Nursery organization and product recommendations

  • Running errands for groceries and supplies

  • Expert referrals to other trusted professionals

  • Babywearing and soothing techniques

  • Added education and support for the parent who didn't give birth

  • Support for grandmas who are also assisting the new family

  • Noticing and sharing "pink flags" for mood disorders

  • Advocacy and resources for extra support

2021 Postpartum Doula Trainings

**NOTE: the virtual training listed on the DONA website for Oct. 15-17, 2021 has been rescheduled for Nov. 5-7, 2021.

November 5-7, 2021
8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. EASTERN TIME
Register before Oct. 5 for the earlybird rate
Details on virtual trainings

Want a postpartum doula workshop in your city? If you can find at least six people ready to put down a deposit and help us find a training space, we're happy to come right to you.

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COVID-19 Postpartum Training Update

What an intense time we've all been living through! Lots of things are changing right now, including our trainings. Through the end of 2021, all Heart Soul Birth Pros' postpartum doula workshops will be held online, via Zoom. What about 2022? We'll keep you posted as conditions get clearer. Our online workshops are interactive, engaging and all-around great!

Check out our Virtual Birth and Postpartum Doula Training FAQ.

Families still need doulas in a pandemic, and many postpartum doulas have found that they're even busier than usual right now, with families traveling less and parents limiting other visitors. Doulas still need to be trained up. Come make it happen with us, future doula.

Postpartum Doula Trainings ~ Your Investment

Early Pymt Plan

$199 deposit
  • plus two more payments of $225 before the course begins.

Early Bird Full Payment

  • Save money by making a single payment at the time of your early bird registration. Early bird registration ends one month before your training begins.

Regular Payment

  • for registrations after the early bird deadline.

We typically find that postpartum doulas can make back their investment with their first client, or possibly two, depending on the number of hours contracted. Your career starts right away after your training! 

Want a training in your city?

If you come to us with six or more doulas ready to register, we’ll work with your schedule to bring a training right to you!

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Let's get your postpartum doula career off the ground! We’d love to have you join us for a workshop. If you still have questions, visit our FAQs page and learn more. Otherwise, get started by filling out the registration below. To make it easy for you, we offer the option of paying upfront now or a payment plan of three payments.

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